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Fly Rods

Guide Series II

Guide Series II Rods

Beulah Guide Series II fly rods give you affordable performance in single hand freshwater fly fishing.

Onyx Series Spey

Onyx Series Spey Rods

The Beulah Onyx spey rod series is the culmination of input and experience derived from some of the best spey fishing icons Oregon has to offer.

Platinum Series Single Hand

Platinum Series Single Hand Rods

In the Platinum Single Hand Series we set out to take the best elements of fly rods past and present and incorporate them into our design using modern materials and construction.

Platinum Series Switch

Platinum Series Switch Rods

This series is light enough to perform highly when cast overhead but powerful enough to spey cast all day long.

Platinum Series Spey

Platinum Series Spey Rods

The Beulah Platinum Spey Rod series offers a traditional flex pattern that loads deep into the butt section, with a fast tip recovery to ensure accurate tracking.

Opal Two Hander

Opal Two Hander Rods

Beulah Opal Saltwater Fly Rods are fast action two-handed fly rods designed to load quickly and cast long distances with half the effort of single hand rods.

Fly Rod

Opal Series Single Hand Rods

We set out to make the best saltwater fly rod possible and spared nothing to do it. The result is the Beulah Opal fly rod.